We PT SARANA NUSANTARA NIAGATAMA as Voice GPS Pro Indonesia Distributor gladly present the latest GPS golf technology, allowing the golfer to keep track of distance through an LCD screen and a calm, soothing voice. With map information for over 45,000+ courses worldwide and a battery that last 12 hours, this weather proof device proves to be a great companion. Weighing in at an amazing 1.2 oz. this handsfree device makes it the lightest among the rest of the golf GPS / Rangefinders.


This device allows the active golfer to interact with GPS technology in a manageable and effortless way. No fees, no contracts, ever. With Voice GPS Pro you have instant access to preloaded courses from all over the world and the availability of updates without any hidden costs. Learn the course, improve your game, play golf and relax, after the Voice GPS Pro you'll never need another GPS device again.


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How to download all the golf course:

1. Open Upgrade Manager program on your computer.

2. Connect USB to computer and turn "On" the gps.

3. Computer will detect it and the Upgrade Manager program

4. will show the list of country on left side box.

5. Click "Download All" at the bottom left hand.

6. It will ask to format the drive, click "Yes"

7. Click "Start" Formatting

8. Once it is done formating, click "Close"

9. It will download automatically.

10. After downloading. It will show "Download Finish"




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